Green Onions in the Garden

Last year, Dany built me a garden box out of redwood fence posts. It sits right outside of our kitchen sink window. It’s the perfect spot. Any time that I needed some extra herbs, I can easily step outside barefoot to grab some fresh seasoning while I am cooking. It has saved us a few last-minute trips to the grocery store.

My favorite is the green onions. They are a staple in the Asian kitchen, and we go through them so quickly. Our girls love a quick green onion pancake recipe as well. (Will post here)

I learned recently from my sister-in-law that you can very easily grow them by taking the ones you bought from the grocery store and stick them in the ground. We then add used coffee grounds and crushed egg shells to keep them going. It’s a simple Asian method for fertilizer, but effective.

You can see how there are a few stumps from where I’ve cut down a few green onions. As long as we water them, the green onions grow back.

This spring, I’ll likely redo the box to house more of my favorite herbs. For now, the spring onions have been the most helpful.

If you’re interested in growing things that you can easily find from the grocery store, check out this article.

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