Rain & Sprout

Despite the recent inaccurate weather forecasts, it rained today – just a sprinkle. If there’s one mixed cocktail of blessing and curse that comes with California winter rain, it’s the constant emergence of new Bermuda grass seedlings in our backyard. While we are lucky to have the mild weather in California, rain, weeds and wildflowersContinue reading “Rain & Sprout”

Our Weekend Breakfast: French-Canadian Crepes

Weekends are a luxury – I get a break from my usual routine of waking up the entire household at 7 a.m, and I get to sleep in. A “late” morning is until about 9 a.m. On a usual Sunday, our kids are likely to wake up before us. My oldest, Little A, will likelyContinue reading “Our Weekend Breakfast: French-Canadian Crepes”