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French-Canadian Crepes

Mother-in-law’s chocolate cake

Back in 2006, when I was still getting to know my mother-in-law, she emailed me this recipe for a simple chocolate cake. This is the sort of chocolate cake that you might serve at casual gatherings when house guest comes over for tea. It is likely a chocolate cake that she served me on a…

Rain & Sprout

Despite the recent inaccurate weather forecasts, it rained today – just a sprinkle. If there’s one mixed cocktail of blessing and curse that comes with California winter rain, it’s the constant emergence of new Bermuda grass seedlings in our backyard. While we are lucky to have the mild weather in California, rain, weeds and wildflowers…

Green Onions in the Garden

Last year, Dany built me a garden box out of redwood fence posts. It sits right outside of our kitchen sink window. It’s the perfect spot. Any time that I needed some extra herbs, I can easily step outside barefoot to grab some fresh seasoning while I am cooking. It has saved us a few…

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